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Express Hospitality and Facility Management Services, are a team of professional experts who offer the best housekeeping services in the city of Ahmedabad. We are a one-stop solutions provider for housekeeping services in Ahmedabad. We are the topmost housekeeping services provider in Ahmedabad. Being a prominent housekeeping service provider, we are involving professional and trained staff to deal with customer and client problems. We always give fast services to our customers and clients. As the best service providers in housekeeping, we guarantee our customers the best solutions and services. We are the best housekeeping service providers in Ahmedabad. We are a one-stop destination for a housekeeping solutions provider in Gujarat. 

We are a top-rated housekeeping cleaning and maintenance services provider in Ahmedabad. We offer top solutions to our clients in housekeeping. We offer cleaning services at home, offices, corporate offices, hospitals, gyms, multiplexes, cinemas, and other public places. We serve all sectors in housekeeping cleaning services. With a good track record of happy clients, express hospitality is the best option for housekeeping services at low and cheap prices. We are a one-stop solutions provider for housekeeping services in Ahmedabad City and many other cities Of Gujarat.

Housekeeping is an absolutely necessary activity in our daily life. The task involves responsibilities of planning, manning & troubleshooting that take up a lot of energy. We give our housekeeping services to these sectors like the residential sector, commercial sector, industrial sector, and many more sectors. We have categorized the client types mentioned below according to their requirements.​

Residential Sector:-

​​​​Cleanliness & Hygiene play a key role when it comes to healthy living. Our professional housekeeping service involves providing you with a beautiful house that is clean, tidy & free of pollution. This includes tidying furniture, marbles, waste disposal & much more. Besides, it also includes, using the vacuum on curtains, tidying bathrooms, and bedrooms as well as ironing clothes.

Commercial Sector:-

​Our corporate housekeeping services include removing clutter, sorting out stationary, keeping lunch rooms neat & tidy & much more. Whether it’s a corporate office, bank, salon, or a mall you name it, we cover it.

Industrial Sector:-

​Our housekeeping services for industrial sectors are in line with their needs according to the type of industry it is. Based on that, we offer appropriate equipment & machine that makes the process deliverable on-time more easily.

All in all, the trained professionals of express housekeeping services come fully equipped with cleaning supplies & will move from room to room to ensure every nook & corner is covered properly and precisely.

Other Services

Facility Management Service

We are providing our services of most value to known organizations and we have maintained a fine record of specialized Facility Management services & Corporate Services to our customers.

Patient Care Service

We have the best and most well-trained staff for our patient care service. We have sure that we follow all the rules and regulations of the hospital. 

Payroll Outsourcing

Express Hospitality provides reliable solutions for payroll outsourcing management to our customers and clients.

Manpower Supply

Providing genuine and skilled manpower to domestic, industrial and corporate sectors

Pest Control

Express Hospitality & Facility Management Services is a leading commercial and residential pest control service provider in Ahmedabad.

Pantry & Canteen

Our Pantry & Canteen services provide a well-groomed, skilled & experienced staff for serving food & beverage in pantry & cafeterias. .

Maintenance Service

We as a Maintenance Service Provider in Ahmedabad are offering complete out-and-out services in all kinds of maintenance activities. We offer maintenance services at a reasonable price.