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Pantry and Canteen Service Provider in Ahmedabad

  • Our Pantry & Canteen services provide a well-groomed, skilled & experienced staff for serving food & beverage in pantries & cafeterias. We are the best catering service provider in the city of Ahmedabad. They are well trained for both F&B & proper table service keeping behavioral skills (i.e.; courtesy, soft spoken-ness, etc) in mind. This results in providing the best hospitality services that add more value to the customer experience. Our technical staff gives the best solutions for pantry and catering services in Ahmedabad. We offer our staff for marriage, parties, functions, and many other places for pantry and catering services in Ahmedabad

  • ​Express Pantry services understand varied food service requirements of different corporate setups. We are proud to have one of the best-trained staff, capable of working round the clock. Express hospitality always gives the best technical staff for catering services in Ahmedabad. Express Hospitality services as a pantry service provider ensure that your guests are served with care & the specific needs of every person are more than adequately met. Also, the food quality is checked thoroughly before being served.

  • ​As a pantry service provider, we understand the need to create a healthy environment so that the employees and other clients can fully enjoy their meals. Since we also provide pest control services (in-house), the impression left is nothing short of extraordinary in the customer’s mind. That’s understandable as the service provided will be remembered for life.

pantry and canteen service

Other Services

Housekeeping Service

We are the best housekeeping service provider in Ahmedabad. We Offer housekeeping services at a reasonable price. We always give perfect solutions to our customers and clients.  

Payroll OutSourcing

Express Hospitality provides reliable solutions for payroll outsourcing management to our customers and clients.

Facility Management 

We are providing our services of most value to known organizations and we have maintained a fine record of specialized Facility Management services & Corporate Services to our customers.

Manpower Supply

Providing genuine and skilled manpower to domestic, industrial and corporate sectors

Patient Care Service

We have the best and most well-trained staff for our patient care service. We have sure that we follow all the rules and regulations of the hospital. 

Pest Control

Express Hospitality & Facility Management Services is a leading commercial and residential pest control service provider in Ahmedabad.

Maintenance Service

We as a Maintenance Service Provider in Ahmedabad are offering complete out-and-out services in all kinds of maintenance activities. We offer maintenance services at a reasonable price.

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