Top 5 Effective Pest Control Tips
December 07, 2023

Top 5 Effective Pest Control Tips

The presence of pests in a home is not only annoying but also carries with it a huge risk of spreading infection and disease. Every day, experts at Express Hospitality get calls from people asking for ways to get rid of pests. While pest control through experts is the foolproof way to go pest-free, here are 5 tips from our experts that can help you effectively control pests on your own.

Pest Control Tips

Don’t Let Food Stay Open

Remove any food remnants by storing perishable items in airtight containers in the refrigerator and cleaning up any spills or holes. Don’t overlook the possibility of pet food that has been left out or opened and stashed in the laundry room or garage. An effective natural barrier against pet food infestations can be made by filling a pet food bowl with liquid and placing it in a larger, shallower pan. Reducing it as much as possible results in excluding the pest’s food source.

Don’t Let Water Gather

Locate and eradicate sources of standing water, such as those under sinks, in showers and wash areas, behind water heaters, in over-irrigation around the outside perimeter, and in air conditioning systems. This will rid your home of pests.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

Eliminate their habitats by checking any possible hiding spots, both inside and outside the building. If you find any, either move the items to a safe distance or seal them in plastic containers to prevent pests from returning. If you’re using cardboard boxes for storage, keep in mind that this also includes the garage and the attic.

Block The Portals of Entry

Cover all the open sources to prevent their admission to your home—the simplest technique to block all the halls to your residence. All the holes and crevices, even in open sources. As quickly as possible, have them repaired so you can achieve a tranquil atmosphere.

Keep the kitchen sparkling clean.

One alternative remedy is to keep the kitchen tidy. Ants like to congregate around trash, so it’s a good idea to remove any food scraps off the floor. For the best results, wipe down every surface in the kitchen, including the floors, slabs, and countertops.

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Finally, you can call a reliable pest control service agency in your area to come spray your home for pests and rodents. Professionals in the field of pest control will listen to your concerns and devise a unique strategy to rid your premises of unwanted visitors. No other service provider can compare to pest control service in terms of security. You may rest easy knowing that your home is pest-free after having an inspection.

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